Talk To Your Happily Ever After.

Talk To Your Happily Ever After.

        “Talk To Me. Tell Me All About It.”

Hi Lovelies!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. Greetings to you wherever you are in this beautiful wondeful world. How are you doing? I’m doing ok I’m actually having a pretty good morning thank you. Hope you are doing okay too.

I wanted you guys to know about a new service that I’m offering at an affordable price. I’m offering Skype calls at just $0.50 per minute. Please be aware that this is not an Adult Service. We will talk and nothing else. I will be your online companion. I can also offer the Girlfriend Experience.

For instance, let’s say you are done with work and are a bit lonely. You can Skype me, and I can keep you company; that’s all! I’m quite well-versed and can talk about a variety of topics. I’m also a really good listener and truly madly deeply care. I understand maybe you are overly shy or just socially awkward. Let Franchy be a good, loyal friend and love all your perfect imperfections. I’m truly madly deeply here for you at just $0.50 per minute. Give me a call and see for yourself the Franchy experience.