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A New Year Picturesque Beautiful Life

A New Year Picturesque Beautiful Life

Happy New Year Lovelies.

 How are you all doing this beautiful morning? I’m doing great Lovelies. Hope you all are doing great as well.

New Year New beautiful pictures. Ya Lovelies I’m looking forward to taking more beautiful photoshoots. I’m looking into booking a hotel room so I can have a frantastic picturesque time. I just want to give you all a different scenario. Right now I mostly take beautiful pictures in my lovely apartment. Which is ok honestly. Nonetheless, I want to give you all something new to look at. Try some different poses. However, it is truly madly deeply the cost of the room that presents me with the most difficulty. I suppose I just have to believe in my sweet dreams and work hard.

Lovelies it is my sweet dreams that have me creating this wonderful website. A magazine for all my wonderful pictures. I also have another website to sell my beautiful pictures. Check that out and see what I can do for you or your business. Ya Lovelies this year will be magical. Have a lovely day ya.

By Francesca Etheart

Hi, I'm a model in the New York area. I love taking pictures and creating my very own happily ever after. When I'm not taking pictures you can find me writing. I'm also working on publishing my very first book mmmmmmmm ya. Overall I'm a beautiful open book. Please to meet you ya.

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