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2023 Franchy A Fabulous Over Forty Beauty.

2023 Franchy A Fabulous Over Forty Beauty.

Hello everybody. How are you all doing this lovely Wednesday morning? Ya, happy hump day!

Today, guys, I wanted to discuss a new competition I’m in. It’s called. The competition is all about being fabulous and beautiful at any age, even your 40s. It is amazing and a bit shocking that I finally reached my 40s. I will be candid: I’m not happy being in my 40s at all. I just accepted that I have to age, unfortunately. Perhaps this competition will give me a new appreciation of my aging forevermore. Yes, we all know that we don’t have forever; our time is truly madly deeply limited. For some of us, our time is more limited than others. Nevertheless, we each have our time.

Lovelies, I think it is finally time. I have had a passion for modeling since my early teen years. Where I would collect magazines and picture myself one day being on the cover, this competition is my chance, Lovelies. If you win the competition, you will be flown to Scottsdale, Arizona. Win 40,000 and get a two-page spread in a magazine. Yes, the money and trip are great, seriously. Nonetheless, I really look forward to sharing my frantastic thoughts in the two-page spread. Like I said, it has been my dream since I was 12 years old. My writing and my modeling have been part of my happily ever after since I took my very first breath. Please help me make my dreams come true.

This is where you all wonderful people come in. I need your help, please. Please vote for me starting next Monday, October 9, 2023. Whoever gets the most votes wins. I would really appreciate it. Thank you; much love. Did I mention that this is also my birthday month, so voting for me would make an awesome gift. As always, helping me will be helping others as well. As when I’m in a better place in my life, I will truly madly deeply help. Thank you so much for your help in advance. Have a wonderful, beautiful day.


By Francesca Etheart

Hi, I'm a model in the New York area. I love taking pictures and creating my very own happily ever after. When I'm not taking pictures you can find me writing. I'm also working on publishing my very first book mmmmmmmm ya. Overall I'm a beautiful open book. Please to meet you ya.

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